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Preventing Erosion of Soil With Permaculture | Enhanced Garden&Life


The concept of permaculture is a system that employs the natural environment to provide solutions for people. Permaculture relies on the use of plants, animals, and fungi to not only meet human needs but also to address environmental issues such as soil erosion.

For years, soil erosion has been a huge problem for the earth and its inhabitants. In order to combat this issue, people have come up with ways to help stop it from happening. One solution is permaculture: which uses plants that promote growth in natural ways to create an ecosystem of life. The permaculture system also makes use of swales, cover crops, and more to create a smart system that seeks balance within nature. In addition to these components, there are also some actions you can take as an individual in order to make sure your land isn't eroding away anymore!

Ways to Prevent Soil Erosion

With Permaculture

The first is to keep the ground covered with mulch. When soil is left uncovered, it will dry out from the sun beating down on it all day. If soil is dry when it's windy, it can be like dust, and the wind will quickly move the dirt from that area. Keeping a cover on the soil will keep the soil from drying, thus preventing the wind from carrying the soil away.

Mulch will also prevent erosion from rain. If rain is heavily crashing down on the earth it will also displace soil. A covering on the soil will protect the land from washing away soil.

Another method is to keep roots in the soil. Utilizing cover crops so that the soil is not bare. Cover crops will also help retain soil moisture by not allowing the sun to shine onto the earth and dry it out. Cover crops will also prevent rain from washing away soil. The cover crops' roots hold on to the ground, avoiding the rain from washing it away.

Swales can also be a preventative measure by placing them in suitable locations. They can capture and control stormwater runoff and allow the water to be used in the soil. Putting swales around trees and bushes can be a way for the stormwater to be utilized.



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