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All You Need to Know About Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Have you heard about the beneficial properties of butterfly tea? Do you want to know the benefits and possible side effects? If yes, you are in the right place. Often used in cosmetics, herbal tea blends, and

butterfly pea flower

cocktails, the butterfly pea flower is a versatile ingredient well-known for its health benefits and vibrant blue hue. Many are aware of the health benefits of this flower but do not know about its usage. You are here so that means you want to gather more information before going ahead. We will answer all your queries in the following. We will cover the plant, butterfly tea, health benefits, color-changing effects, facts, and possible side effects.

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The butterfly pea plant has received the most attention in the recent past. Many study reports and researches found it effective for different usages for its health beneficial properties and antioxidant content. Apart from that, some studies have revealed that butterfly pea flower can contribute to your skin and hair health, and you can also consider consuming it while having sugar problems. You can add it to your diet to speed up your weight loss. Also, everyone can consider using butterfly pea flowers to get numerous benefits. We will cover the benefits in detail. However, first, we will know more about the plant and its unique growing conditions.


Butterfly pea, also known as the wild blue vine, climbing butterfly pea, Asian pigeonwings, spurred butterfly pea, or Kordofan pea, is a trailing vine and produces violet and pinkish-blue blooms in spring and summer. From the name of the plant, you might have understood that it is the favorite of butterflies. However, bees and birds also love this plant. You will find around forty species in this plant all over the world. These plants are available in many parts of the world, but only three species are native to the U.S.

Butterfly pea is easy growing and does not require specific attention. You can grow it from seeds or plant it in your garden in the spring. You can also plant it early before the spring. But you can keep it for around twelve weeks inside the home and then move it to your garden in spring. You can consider any planting method based on your convenience. Before planting, you can scrape the seeds lightly and soak them in room-temperature water.

Soak them overnight, and then you can plant the seeds. The best thing about the butterfly pea is that it can grow in almost all types of soil. You can plant these seeds even in nutrient-poor soil, but it is better to use acidic and sandy soil if you want fast growth. You can focus on good drainage since butterfly pea plants cannot grow in a mushy environment. You can consider a place where the plant can get enough scope to sprawl. Also, you can allow the delicate stems of butterfly pea to climb over a fence or trellis.

The butterfly pea can grow in all lighting conditions, including semi-shade, shade, or full sunlight. Also, you do not need to give extra care and attention to the growth of this plant. It will grow and bloom fast with little attention. However, you will have to focus on watering during the initial days to support the growth. But you will have to know the difference between watering and over-watering. Once they get settled in the soil, these plants can tolerate drought and other conditions. You can consider supplemental irrigation in dry and hot weather conditions.

You can recognize butterfly pea plants from their vibrant blue and striking flowers. The scientific name of this butterfly pea plant is Clitoria ternatea L. It has a high level of anthocyanins, and the antioxidant properties give it a unique blue color and contribute to its coloring abilities. The butterfly pea plant is available in tropical Asia and Africa. However, the plant grows as a climbing vine and requires support. The flowers are pea-shaped that flutter in the wind like butterflies.

The flower looks charming with its blue and white blend. In addition to the flowers beautiful appearance, the flower has many health benefits.

The butterfly pea flowers are low-cost and high-quality protein used for live stocks. The natural pigment makes it a perfect choice for fabrics and beauty products. Also, the plant distributes nitrogen to the soil and can be the best green manure. The butterfly pea flowers have many beneficial properties and secured places in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Besides, the color makes it a safe choice for food coloring. You can find butterfly pea flowers in beverages and foods.


Butterfly pea flower tea

The natural blue color you get from butterfly pea flowers comes from antioxidants. It is rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant pigment that contributes to the color, and you will also find it in beets and blueberries. The anthocyanin delivers a distinct deep color. It will change the color of the food fast and dramatically. You can expect more impact if you add any acidic element to your butterfly pea color. The anthocyanin turns from blue to pink when the pH level changes.

The artificial colors used in foods and beverages cause many side effects. These colors might have FDA approval, but they are not hundred percent safe. Some can cause attention deficit disorder and even thyroid and brain tumors. Hence, now, manufacturers are focusing on natural colors, including the butterfly pea flower. It is a healthier and a safer alternative to synthetic coloring.

Apart from coloring properties, butterfly pea flowers have many health benefits. You can use these flowers to prepare your tea and stay fit and healthy. You can add some ingredients, including lemon, honey, and lemongrass, to your tea and make it even more beneficial. The acidity will change the color, and the quality will improve your skin health. This simple addition to your diet can help with many health benefits. Even medical and research studies find butterfly tea effective for many diseases. It can treat or minimize the symptoms of many health complications naturally.


butterfly pea flower tea

* Butterfly-tea is caffeine-free and can contribute to your physical and mental health.

* You can prepare butterfly tea or add other herbs to address different health complications.

* The flower comes from a plant native to Southeast Asia.

* The flower has a deep color with a tingle of purple.

* The color of the flower can change from blue to purple when it has different pH levels. You can notice dramatic changes by adding acidic ingredients, like lemon.

* It contains a unique antioxidant, anthocyanin, that delays aging and repairs cell damage.


The butterfly pea flower has a powerful antioxidant known as anthocyanin. Also, we call it ternatins which give a vibrant blue hue to the flower. As supported by the test-tube studies, ternatins can reduce inflammation in your body. They can also prevent the growth of cancer cells. Apart from that, the butterfly pea plant has many other antioxidants. We can take the example of Kaempferol. Many study reports have come on this compound and its cancer-fighting abilities. As revealed by the test-tube studies, it can kill cancer cells. Also, the butterfly pea flower has p-coumaric acid and anti-microbial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. All these can help to fight against many diseases.

The antioxidants present in the butterfly pea can protect against free radicals. They will promote hair, nail, and skin health and delay aging. Also, the anthocyanins will restore and build your skin collagen, and you will look young and refreshed for a long time. The plant has catechin, epigallocatechin gallate, a potent antioxidant and can help with many health benefits.

As supported by research studies, anthocyanins have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that can detoxify your body. You can feel and look slim without water weight. The flowers of the butterfly pea plant will increase your blood flow and strengthen your hair follicles. They have flavonoid quercetin that improves skin and hair cells and maintains hydration.

Another active property in the butterfly pea flower is delphinidin-3,5-glucoside. It is a powerful antioxidant and can boost your immunity. Also, this antioxidant can lead to colorectal cancer cells death. In brief, the antioxidants in butterfly pea flowers can strengthen your immunity and protect you from many diseases. You can get all these benefits without experiencing any lasting and severe side effects.


A butterfly pea flower offers many health benefits, and it has color-changing properties as well. However, its flavor is mild, and you find it almost bland. Hence, you cannot use it to add flavor to your diet. You can consider using this flower when the objective is to add intense natural color. The distinct blue hue of the butterfly pea flower is rare, and the color makes it a popular choice for those who want safe food coloring. Many use butterfly pea flowers as an additional ingredient to add color without getting any flavor.

The butterfly pea flower has a deep blue natural hue and has secured its place in many Southeast Asian cuisines. They consider using this flower when they want a natural blue coloring. The people in Malaysia use this flower in a traditional dish prepared as sticky rice called Pulut Tai Tai. They add blue petals to get color in their traditional preparations. Also, people in Thailand use butterfly pea flowers in fried and tempura items. You can have this colorful flower in their butterfly tea or Dok Anchan. They use blooms in a mild tea and add lemon grass to make it flavorful. As stated earlier, the tea will witness a magical color transformation when it comes in contact with citrus food. It can turn from vibrant sapphire to light pink within seconds.

Now, you know the butterfly pea plant origin, nutrients, and coloring properties. Next, we will cover the health benefits. These flowers might not have any noticeable flavor, but you can expect many benefits. The butterfly pea flowers will support your weight loss journey, reduce inflammation, address some cancer cells, and improve your sugar condition. Keep reading to know how butterfly tea can contribute to your physical and mental health.


As discussed earlier, butterfly pea flowers can help to stay physically and mentally fit. These flowers have magical qualities and many benefits. You can add them to your diet and notice significant improvements in your thought process. They will strengthen your immunity, and you can recover from any illness fast. Also, they can speed up the healing of asthma and ulcers and can help with improved cognitive ability.

The plant has several antioxidants and can help with many health benefits. Besides, it has zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and manganese. Butterfly pea plants have traces in the history of China and Southeast Asia. The healing properties of this plant have secured their place in ayurvedic medicines. The leaves, seeds, and roots of this plant have beneficial properties. You can use them as a brain tonic since they promote intelligence and memory. The fresh root of this plant can treat ulcers, tuberculous, and asthma. While suffering from phlegm, you can have the root juice of the butterfly pea plant. Besides, the plant has antistress, anti-depressant, and anxiolytic properties. It is rich in minerals and vitamins and can fight fatigue and many other diseases naturally.


Since butterfly tea has many antioxidants, you can flood your body with potent antioxidants by drinking this tea. The antioxidants will fight free radicals, and you will look decades younger. Also, you can expect the following benefits.


The noticeable benefit of butterfly tea is its powerful antioxidant properties and will prevent cell damage from harmful free radicals. You might know the impacts of free radicals. They are unstable molecules generated by the body while responding to environmental pressures. Free radicals are the waste product of your normal cell process, and they can speed up the aging process.

Your body will have more oxidative stress when it cannot remove those waste. As revealed by the Medical News, you might get cancer, heart diseases, stroke, immune deficiency, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and respiratory diseases due to the excess oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can also cause inflammatory and emphysema diseases. You can get natural protection from all these diseases by drinking butterfly tea.


We use different types of products to maintain our hair and skin. Sometimes, we spend on expensive products but do not get the desired benefits. However, you can drink butterfly tea to boost your hair and skin health. Even many cosmetic manufacturers use butterfly pea flowers in their products to help users with more benefits. You might find butterfly pea flowers in the ingredient list of shampoos, serums, and haircare products.

A study conducted in 2021 has revealed that butterfly pea flower extracts can promote your skin hydration up to seventy percent within one hour after the application. An animal study conducted in 2012 has found that butterfly pea flower extracts can boost more hair growth than other cosmetic products. According to reports, most antioxidants in butterfly pea flower can promote hair and skin health. Hence, you can delay the aging process naturally. Your skin is the most vulnerable to aging, and you can delay the process by taking care of your skin.


Inflammation can cause many diseases and can speed up the aging process. You can have inflammation in your body due to many reasons. It might be due to foreign organisms, foods, diseases, and injuries. According to recent studies, inflammation can cause the progression of many chronic diseases. You can address the inflammation fast and prevent further worsening. Otherwise, it will be persistent and can progress to obesity, heart diseases, cancer, and other health complications. Besides, many researchers have revealed that free radicals from biological processes can lead to tissue damage and further progress to cause many inflammatory diseases.

However, you can address the inflammation in your body by drinking butterfly tea. It has many antioxidants, and most can minimize inflammation. The flower extract can cure acute and chronic inflammation based on cellular mechanisms and inflammatory conditions. The antioxidants in the tea will fight free radicals that cause tissue damage. Hence, you will get a natural solution to address inflammation. Consistency is the key to getting more benefits.


Now weight gain is happening in all age groups. You gain weight due to many factors, including an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, stress, and health issues. Weight gain is easy, but weight loss might require more effort, especially when you are above your forties. You can consider drinking butterfly tea if you want a natural way to stay fit. According to some study reports, the butterfly pea flower might promote weight loss and enable you to address stubborn fat fast.

As revealed by a test-tube study, the butterfly pea flower extracts can slow down the formation of fat cells. The butterfly tea will regulate some pathways that cause fat cell formation, and you can expect a fast and effective result. Some animal studies and older test-tube studies have found that the ternatins in the butterfly pea flower can block the fat cell synthesis in the body, and you can get fast weight loss benefits.


You can also consider drinking the butterfly tea if you have sugar issues. According to research studies, butterfly tea can minimize the risk of diabetes, and you can notice improvements in symptoms. One study, conducted on fifteen men, had some inspiring outcomes. The participants consumed a drinking beverage with butterfly pea flower extracts. The extracts increased the antioxidant levels in their bodies and reduced the insulin and blood sugar levels, even if they had sugar in their drinks. Another animal study, conducted on rats, had similar results. The researchers administered the butterfly pea flower extracts to diabetic rats. The extracts reduced their blood sugar levels significantly compared to other groups.

Another study revealed that the antioxidant properties of the butterfly pea flower extracts prevent diabetes complications and cell damage in patients. In brief, many human and animal study reports have proved the effectiveness of butterfly pea flower extracts in reducing blood sugar levels. Hence, you can add these flowers to your diet and focus on consistency for long-term benefits.


You can have both physical and mental health benefits while drinking butterfly tea. The butterfly pea flowers contain antioxidants, minerals, and other properties. As you age, the free radicals start damaging your cells. Sometimes, they target the hippocampus parts of the human brain, and you start experiencing the effects of aging. The hippocampus plays a significant role in your memory. When free radicals start attacking them, they will disrupt your learning and memory process. However, you can improve the condition with butterfly tea. The compounds in the tea will boost your mental health and brain function, and you can prevent memory loss or similar conditions.

The butterfly tea will enhance your mood and make you calm. You will have improved focus and memory. Also, the calming effects will relax your mind and address many mental issues. You can drink this blue tea in the evening and feel relaxed after day-long activities.


You can address many health issues naturally by drinking purple or butterfly tea. It has vitamin E content, and vitamin E will protect you from many diseases. As revealed by Medical News Today, vitamin E can reduce the risk of eye disorders, coronary heart diseases, cancer, inflammation, and other chronic conditions. According to experts, vitamin E inhibits LDL formation and prevents blood clots. Both are the leading causes of coronary heart diseases. Also, vitamin E will prevent many eye disorders, including age-related macular degeneration. Besides, butterfly tea has immune-modulating compounds and antioxidants. All will minimize the risk of some cancers.

Apart from all these, butterfly tea can reduce some other chronic conditions caused by vitamin E deficiency and associated with the reactive oxygen species molecules. Also, vitamin E will strengthen your immunity and prevent inflammation.

You can expect all these benefits by drinking butterfly tea. More importantly, many research studies have supported these benefits. However, you can make better decisions once you know the possible side effects.


Most find butterfly tea safe and beneficial when taken in moderation. However, you may experience issues with some side effects if you consume too much. You might experience diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain if you take it in excess to get more benefits. There are not many reports on side effects. However, you can take it in moderation to avoid such a possibility.

Also, there is a lack of data on who can consume it or who cannot. But you can talk to your doctor while suffering from any health issues. Consult your doctor before you try adding any new food or drink to your diet if you are pregnant. Besides, some medicines might cause interactions with the ingredients of butterfly tea. Hence, you can talk to your physician when you want to add blue tea to your diet.


There are many ways to use butterfly pea flowers. Manufacturers use these flowers in many beauty products, including shampoos, face masks, toners, and hair mists. Also, you can use this flower in your herbal tea and get vibrant blue color and an earthy flavor. The flavor might not be noticeable, but the lively blue hue will grab the attention most. The best way to get the beneficial properties of the butterfly pea flowers is to use them in your tea.


butterfly pea flower tea

Butterfly tea, also known as blue tea, is-easy-to-make and you can prepare it by mixing one teaspoon of dried flowers and one cup of hot water. Let it steep for five to eight minutes, and then you can strain out the dried flowers and enjoy your hot tea. The preparation is simple and less time-consuming. But you can try variations if you want. You can add lime juice, honey, or lemon juice to your tea and make it your tea flavorful. The acidity of citrus fruits will bring dramatic changes to the color of the tea and make it delicious as well. Thanks to the natural antioxidant properties of the butterfly pea flowers that contribute to the color of the tea. Also, they help with all the health benefits.

You can add the dried butterfly pea flowers to hot water and prepare the tea. You can also consider the following and try variations.



* One teaspoon of dried butterfly pea flower

* A squeeze of lemon

* Honey (Optional)

* Ten ounces of water


* Take a small saucepan, add the water, and bring it to a boil.

* Add one teaspoon of the butterfly pea flower to the boiled water and allow it steep for five to eight minutes. You can consider more steeping to get a bit more intense flavor.

* Strain the flower from the tea and pour your blue-hued tea into the cup. Add lemon to make it more flavorful. Once you add the lemon, it will turn to deep purple immediately. You can add honey if you want sweet effects.



* Two teaspoons of the dried butterfly pea flower

* Six cups of water

* Two teaspoons of the dried hibiscus flower

* Ice cubes

* Two sliced lemons


* Take a tea kettle or saucepan, add water, and bring it to a boil.

* Remove the water from heat, add the dried flower, and let it steep for five to eight minutes.

* Strain the flower and let the tea cool down to room temperature.

* Pour the tea into a glass pitcher and store it in your freeze. You can also enjoy it before keeping it in the fridge.

* While drinking the tea, you can add ice cubes and a few squeezes of the lemon. You will love the slightly purpled iced tea.

You can prepare the tea in your preferred way and be colorful with its vibrant color. Blue tea will make you calm while offering natural protection from many diseases. You will have reduced inflammation, and you will feel better. It may make a difference in the quality of your life. Also, the mild flavor and color-changing properties make it perfect for beginners. Adding different herbs will make it more flavorful and get additional benefits. You will appreciate the visually appealing color and the simple brewing process, and you can prepare the tea within minutes and serve your family gatherings. They will praise your choice since they can enjoy the colorful tea without experiencing any undesirable flavor.

You can enjoy the vibrant blue hue of your butterfly tea or add any citrus fruit, including lemon slices. However, lemon will add rich purple color to your tea. The color will turn into a vibrant fuchsia if you add hibiscus petals. You will appreciate the lively vibes regardless of the blend you choose.


You can find butterfly pea flowers in herbal teas, traditional medicines, cosmetic products, and mixed drinks. The rich antioxidant properties of this flower make it beneficial for different purposes. You can add it to your diet and get weight loss and skin benefits. Also, it will stabilize your blood sugar levels and improve your mental health. You might not experience any severe side effects, but still, you will have to take it in moderation. The data on usage is limited, and you can talk to your doctor when you have some chronic health issues. The properties of the butterfly pea flowers might interact with your medication. Hence, you can check the interaction list and talk to your physician to avoid confusion. However, any healthy adult can consider drinking butterfly tea to stay healthy and active and delay the aging process.



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