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How Permaculture Works | Enhanced Garden&Life

Many people are unfamiliar with permaculture, but this sustainable way of living is easy to understand. It can be summed up as “working with nature instead of against it.”

The idea is just that: To work WITH nature and not AGAINST it! This means using natural processes to grow plants and animals which in turn produces food for humans.

While it's not uncommon for people to grow food gardens, there are other aspects of permaculture that most don't know about until they're introduced by someone like myself. The idea is that you take a piece of land or even just a small space in your yard, and use it as an opportunity to create more than just a place where you grow vegetables but also have edible trees or fruit bushes, natural habitats for animals (depending on location), help heal the soil and soil life.

Problem: Permaculture is a great way to grow plants, but it can be hard to learn.

Agitate: There are already lots of resources out there on permaculture, and they're all very helpful...but you might not know where or how to start.

Solution: We've got you covered! Our website has everything you need to get started with your own permaculture garden. From learning about the benefits of permaculture in general, getting familiar with different techniques, and even finding links for buying supplies online. Everything's right here at your fingertips!

• You'll have a permaculture garden in next to no time

• Provides all the information you need to success

• Planting, harvesting, and maintaining your own garden is becoming more popular and this is the perfect set of tools

• Improve the biodiversity of your garden

• Grow plants more efficiently and in less space

• Reduce water waste across all facets of your gardening life

• Make better use of space for all your plants by learning how to design a permaculture system

• Weeding and planting are so much easier with the tools I use

• Take your garden to the next level by utilizing these products!


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Permaculture is a system that works alongside nature to create sustainable systems for living. It's not just about agriculture, it can be applied to all sorts of things like buildings and homes too! One of the paramount concepts in permaculture is the idea of working "with" nature instead of against it. Permaculturists work with natural processes, rather than trying to control them or stop their course. For example, if there are invasive species on your land then you might look at how those plants could be benefitting your local ecology before ripping them out. We're really lucky because we have this amazing biosphere here on Earth that has so many cycles and negative feedback loops occurring automatically without us having to do anything.

1. Permaculture is a design system that seeks to create sustainable human habitats

2. It's about working with nature, rather than against it

3. The word "permaculture" comes from the words "permanent agriculture" and was coined by Bill Mollison in 1978

4. You might have heard of permaculture as a way to grow food sustainably or seen it on TV shows like Survivor or Top Chef

5. The idea behind permaculture is that we can make our homes more environmentally friendly by using natural resources around us

6. Permaculture is a design system that looks at how we can live in harmony with the environment

7. It's about making our homes, gardens, and farms more sustainable for generations to come

8. There are 12 principles in total: observe and interact; catch and store energy; produce no waste; use renewable resources efficiently; apply self-regulation and accept feedback loops; use biological control; diversity creates stability (use a variety of plants, animals, people) ; integrate rather than segregate (integrate livestock or aquaculture into the garden); use small-scale intensive systems (grow vegetables in containers); capture solar energy (solar cookers); avoid pollution by using natural processes



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