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Are you looking for a parsley growing guide?

I'm so glad you are interested in growing herbs. Parsley is a great herb for first-time gardeners! Growing parsley indoors is an easy and fun project that will leave your kitchen full of fresh, flavorful herbs. You can grow it outside and indoors, and the leaves are really versatile - you can use them as garnishes on all sorts of dishes from salads to desserts. It has a distinctive flavor, but it can also be used as decoration or even to help with bad breath! Beyond that, there's some evidence that parsley is good for improving digestion and relieving gas/bloating It also has essential oils which have been shown to help control microbes like E coli or Salmonella, making it an excellent choice if you're worried about food safety. Parsley grows fast too - I bet in one month you'll be harvesting your own fresh parsley!

Choosing The Pot

First, pick out a pot. A one-gallon pot will be big enough for a parsley plant. It's important to know what type of container you can use for a parsley pot. You'll need something with drainage holes in the bottom that will accommodate the height of your plants. If your pots don't have any holes, be sure to poke some! The best containers are those made out of plastic or clay. Terracotta pots are another option, but they tend to dry out too quickly, so you'll need water more often. They also crack when left out in the cold.

Starting Parsley Seeds

How to Germinate Parsley Seeds

Using soil blocks is an excellent way to start your seeds. Make your soil blocks, add them to a clear plastic container, and place them in a sunny location or under grow lights. Using a plastic container with a lid will create condensation so your seeds will stay moist and they will not need to be watered continually. Doing this will ensure that your seedlings will not be leggy when they germinate because they will have light soon after germination. When seedlings don't get the sunlight or grow light, they will grow tall and skinny. These will not be healthy or strong seedlings.

Using a heat mat will also help your seedlings to germinate. Parsley seeds germinate best in temperatures from 50 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preparing The Soil Mix

I prefer to make a soil mix myself, but you may also choose a good potting soil. I like Happy Frog Potting Soil. It's essential to make sure you use a potting mix if you buy soil. Buying potting soil will get expensive. Well-draining soil is vital for growing in pots. Parsley needs well-draining loamy soil rich in organic matter.

A good soil mixture is one part compost, one part coco coir, and one part perlite. I add one tablespoon of greensand, one tablespoon of bone meal, one tablespoon of blood meal, and half a tablespoon of azomite to the mix. This is what I use for a one-gallon container.

Sunlight Requirements

Parsley needs six hours of sun

Water Requirements

Water at least twice a week.

Parsley Nutrition

Growing parsley is easy and fun! This herb has many beneficial properties that make it a great addition to any kitchen. Parsley is rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate, and iron. It also contains antioxidants which are good for the immune system.

Parsley is a wonderful herb that can do wonders for your health. Strengthen the immune system, bad breath treatment, natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory are just some of Parsley’s benefits! It also helps with blood tonic/purifier as well as reduces gas or constipation. There's no end to what this plant can do because it even strengthens bones, prevents bladder infections which aids in digestion too; parsley will prevent anemia and cancerous cells from forming while regulating both high blood pressure or low so you have better vision - plus control hair loss if desired with more than enough other advantages like wound healing sped up by such positive properties!

Don't miss out on parsley's amazing power and add this into your diet!


This parsley made it through a night of 26-degree Fahrenheit weather.

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