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How to Protect Fruit Trees from Animals and Birds | Enhanced Garden&Life

It is important to protect your fruit trees from animals and birds because they can cause significant damage. Fruit protection bags are a great way to keep squirrels, raccoons, possums, deer, and other animals away from your fruit trees. Fruit protection coverings will also help you keep pests at bay without harming the environment or killing wildlife. Fruit protection bags are an economical solution for protecting your valuable peaches, apples, and pears!

I just want to share with you what I will be using to protect my peaches and other fruits. I saw a youtube video with Mark's Self-Sufficient Me video of using a window screen for a fruit protector. I thought this looks like a good idea so I'll give it a try also.

Fiberglass Window Screen.

- Make your harvest last longer!

- Find out how you've been letting the critters have their way with your fruit tree.

- How do you let these beautiful high-quality screens slip through your fingers?

Get yours on Amazon here:


Zip Ties

- Protect your fruit from those pesky animals

- A must-have for the modern homesteader

- Prevents all sorts of issues with pests and insects eating the ripe fruits

- Keep your fruit safe from animals and other pests with Hmrope's zip ties

Get yours on Amazon here:


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