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How to Grow Lettuce Microgreens | Enhanced Garden&Life

Updated: Apr 13, 2021



Add nutritious and delicious lettuce microgreens to your daily meals. It's so dissatisfying to go to the grocery store and see sad-looking vegetables that are half dead and lost all their nutrients but still waiting for me to pick them up and buy them.

How can we have nutrient-dense produce?? We need to control what we intake into our bodies so that we can run in optimal condition.

Adding nutrient-dense microgreens into your diet can significantly benefit your body.

Although buying microgreens can land you in the same position with sad-looking microgreens sitting on the shelf slowly dying and losing their nutrients.

Take control of your health and grow them yourself or find a local seller you trust. Developing microgreens yourself is the best way to ensure you have fresh, nutrient-dense produce. Come along to learn how to accomplish vibrant, healthy greens for you to enjoy!

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are the youth plants harvested before they have become mature adult plants. Microgreens are the baby of the well-known common plants you would have in your garden or buy in the grocery store. For example, if you buy kale at the grocery store, you will be buying a bunch of kale leaves from a mature kale plant. Kale microgreens are the same plant only grown to the size of one to three inches tall and then harvested at that time. They can be harvested in eight to fourteen days, depending on the variety. There is a wide range of flavors with microgreens. They can very intense flavored compared to the adults.

Microgreens are grown away from a light source to get lengthy quickly before introducing them into the light. After you see the first true leaves, they are ready to be harvested. The first leaves that you will see are called cotyledons. The first true leaves are the second set of leaves that appear. When you notice these leaves, your microgreens are ready to be harvested and eaten.

Microgreens have more concentrated nutrient content than mature plants. In most cases, the microgreen antioxidant levels, vitamins, and minerals are higher than the adult plants. There are some vegetables where that is not the case. Overall, eating microgreens will help you incorporate nutrition into your daily menu.

Lettuce Microgreen Growing Step-By-Step

Day 1

On the first day, add a moist growing medium to your tray. Then spread your seeds evenly across the tray. After distributing your seeds evenly as possible, water over the seeds, then cover with a lid.

Lettuce Microgreens

I have only done half the tray because this is for my personal use, and I will add different varieties to this tray.

Day 2

I have added the other seeds to the tray. I water twice a day on top of the seeds.

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 3

On day three, most of the seeds have germinated. Still water twice daily.

Lettuce Microgreens

Lettuce Microgreens

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 4

I have also added another seed to the tray, continue to topwater and add a lid after watering.

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 5

The roots have grown through the medium, so now water from the bottom. You will want to bottom water as soon as possible because the microgreens are planted so densely that watering on top can create mold. The density does not allow much airflow to dry the greens.

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 6

The lettuce is about an inch tall now. I will check the water and add it if necessary.

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 7

I check the water and then introduce the microgreens to a light source.

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 8

Continue to water as needed. The lettuce is now turning green from being placed into the light source. They are looking so delicious!

The picture looks odd because I took the photo under the grow lights. I learned my lesson on that one.

Lettuce Microgreens

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 9

Continue to water as needed.

Lettuce Microgreens

Day 11

I skipped some days. You just need to check on your water level until harvest. This is harvest day picture.

Lettuce Microgreens

Hummus and microgreen sandwich, on way I like to eat my microgreens.

Lettuce Microgreens



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