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Fall-Proof Plants to Put on Your Garden List | Enhanced Garden&Life

Hi, I'm Fall. You know, the time of year when all the leaves change colors and get crispy and crunchy? Sunny days give way to cooler breezes so you can cozy up by a warm fireplace. Oh, and there's something else that comes along with that- -the crisp vegetables that burst with flavor in your mouth as you've never tasted before!

I plant some of my most popular crops for my fall season, including kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. You'll find me right next door to summer—just down on the other side of Thanksgiving Day—and just around the corner from wintertime chili soups. and holiday pies. Fall brings cool days that are perfect for a light sweater or cozy blanket, so bundle up and get to planting!

There is nothing more attractive than a Fall garden. The colors are vibrant, the leaves crunch under your feet, and you can smell Fall in the air. Fall also brings cooler temperatures, making it easier to plant cool weather crops that will produce food for you long after other plants have died off from frost. Planting Fall-proof plants requires planning ahead, so they're ready when Fall arrives. Here are 5 Fall-proof plants that any gardener should consider!

- Fall is the perfect time to plant kale, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage for harvesting into Winter (Brussels Sprouts are a cool-weather crop). All three plants take well to cold temperatures. Kale produces best in Fall while cabbage can be planted as early as May. To extend your Fall harvest with these plants, mulch around them or cover them with straw at night when frost threatens.

-Greens that have been harvested in the cold weather are actually sweeter than if you harvest them in the summer months.

- Fall is also a good time to plant garlic which can be harvested in early Spring. Planting Fall Garlic requires digging up an old bulb from your garden and setting it on the ground, then covering it with soil or straw for protection against frost. I plant my garlic in the fall and mulch with wood chips. Plant thirty days before the last expected frost date.

- Fall is an excellent time to plant a fall vegetable garden with radishes and turnips. Radishes are a cool-weather crop that can survive light frosts. Fall turnips are perfect for long-term storage in the Fall and winter months. Fall radishes can be planted in Fall as long as they have a good layer of mulch to protect them from the cold.

- Fall is also a great time for wildflowers like goldenrod and aster which attract beneficial pollinators who will increase yields next season by carrying pollen between plants.

- Fall is one of the best times of year to plant trees if you want to get it finalized before winter sets in - so look around now and think ahead! The fall months are perfect for fruit-bearing apple trees and hardy nut varieties such as chestnuts, walnuts, hickory nuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. Fall is also an exceptionally good time to plant berry bushes, such as blueberries or black raspberries, which can be protected from the cold by mulching them for winter.

- Fall color: Autumn flowering shrubs like deerberry (also called 'chokeberry') are some of the most popular plants for fall gardens! They produce vibrant red berries that will last through Thanksgiving - perfect for decorations and pies!

- Fall vegetables you should have on your list include hardy squash varieties like butternut or delicata if you live in cooler climates; broccoli raab; spinach; kale; Brussels sprouts

- Fall is not just a time for harvest, it's also the perfect season for planting! Fall vegetables and flowers can be started from seed indoors this month while cool weather crops like spinach, kale, broccoli raab will thrive in outdoor garden beds that aren't disturbed too much with summer harvests.

-Brussels sprouts often replace cabbage dishes during colder months (like coleslaw) as well - if you grow 'em yourself then you'll know how truly fresh your produce is destined to be.

Cool Fall Gardening Tips

- Fall is not too late to plant cool weather crops, such as hardy greens and radishes. Plant these foods now so they will be ready for harvesting when the weather gets cold.

- Cool-season crops have a range of tastes from mildly bitter (kale) to sweet (carrots). You can also experiment with various colors! Lettuce varieties include green leaf, red leaf, butterhead, romaine, and more. Radish types include French breakfast, Easter Egger, and Cherry Belle.

- Fall is also a great time to plant bulb flowers, like Fall Crocus or Narcissus.

- Fall can be a wonderful time of year for harvesting some crops that are common in the summertime: tomatoes, beans, corn (and popcorn!), cucumbers, squash, zucchini.

- Getting out there and planting today can give you more harvests of summer crops that reach maturity in a short time. Like zucchini, I have just planted zucchini in the last week(June-22-2021) so I should get a harvest before my first frost date. It's time to get planting!

Comment below. Fall is a great time for planting! What plants will you be putting in your garden this year?

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