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Discover The Healthy Seedlings You Get With The Best Garden Trays

Gardening is a rewarding hobby that many people enjoy. It's a great way to get some exercise and be around nature. If you are a new to gardener, it can be hard to know which trays are best for your needs. If you're a gardener, then you know that starting your plants off in the right way is key to success. You need to have the best garden trays to make sure your plants get off to a good start. Not all garden trays are created equal, though, so you need to be careful when picking out the right one for your needs. In this post, we'll help you figure out which garden tray is right for you and show you some of the benefits of using one. So keep reading to discover the healthy seedlings you get with the best garden trays!

For me, beauty lies in simplicity. My homemade humidity dome is not fancy or pretty but it serves its purpose well! I have very high germination rates with this setup and am grateful for that because gardening always made me feel like such an amateur back when I grew up doing all of my Mother's dirty work. I made my own soil blocks and then placed them into the containers with a heat mat underneath. I now have an awesome humidity dome too! It's not fancy or pretty, but it serves its purpose well! My high germination rates show that this homemade invention works wonders for me!

My picks for the best seed starter trays

Ladbrooke best seed starting kit!

This is definitely my favorite way to start healthy seedlings, although more work it's worth the extra effort.

This soil blocker makes four two-inch soil blocks. This two-inch size is the most popular. It is also zinc-coated steel so, it will last you for years to come. Mine is still working well after five years of use! This is a fantastic gardening tool for seed starting organically. When your seedlings are growing, the roots will air pruned, so they will keep from having the roots wrap around each, as I am sure you have seen before when you transplant a potted seedling. I can not say enough good things about this product! Even my seedlings seem to be happier growing in these blocks. I like to place my soil blocks on a piece of untreated wood. You can also use some of the trays I have listed here, which I have added for this purpose.


Plastic Trays For Plants

These trays are a little flimsy, but they will get the job done. I like these because they have drain holes, so the water is not just sitting in the bottom of the tray. If you are moving the tray right after you water, be sure to grab both sides, so you do not have to watch all your hard work and time and energy spent drop on the ground as I have done in the past. The bottom will bend easily with enough weight, and you may be trying to quickly save your seedlings. That can be heartbreaking to see your seedlings scattered all over the ground.


Now, these trays are perfect for soil blocking but very expensive.

Even with the higher price, these may be worth it to you for the trays' sturdiness.

These plastic grow trays will last a lot longer than the cheaper trays above. These trays also come with fifteen plant labels. I like that these trays have an open mesh that allows plenty of water drainage and airflow for your seedling to flourish. This tray is high-quality plastic with no harmful chemicals. If these are within your reach in your budget, I would grab these. They are worth trying out and will save you money in the future as they will last longer.


Now for some large garden trays that I have used and like but not as much as the soil blocker.

With this 72 cell seed tray, you get a pack of ten so seven hundred twenty seedlings if you need to grow that much. I like this tray with so many seed cells. I only need one, though, for my gardening needs. The trays are nice a have a nice big drainage hole in the bottom of each cell. Each cell is 1.5 inches in diameter. It is also easy to pop the seedling from the tray. If you have a lot of garden space and need to start many seedlings, these are an excellent price for the number of compartments.


These trays are fantastic for any level gardener. I love the seed starting trays with a dome. These create a greenhouse effect which is beneficial to seed starting. It is also effortless to get going, and you only need to add warm water, which expands the peat pellets, so they are ready for planting. Then plant your seeds and set the tray where you will have plenty of sunlight when your seedlings sprout and watch them grow. The problem I have with these is the outside mesh covering the pellets. If you use these, I suggest pulling that off before planting your seedlings.


Seed Germination Trays With Dome

This tray is pretty good as far as quality; again, it has a humidity dome. With this humidity dome, you can regulate the temperature and the humidity. What a nice feature! The cells' size is one and a half inches long and one and a half inches wide, with each cell having a hole in the bottom for proper drainage. Another nice feature is that the trays are smaller, so I don't have a 72 cell tray taking space.


This tray also has a vented humidity dome for better control. With 72 cells, you have plenty of seedling starting ability. You will also receive a heat mat with this tray which is a nice bonus. You do not need to search for that as well. This tray is not sturdy, but it does get the job done. I also read some reviews, and one had suggested using the peat pellets inside the dome instead of the trays. I like that idea!


The light rotates 360 degrees. The light's height is adjustable from 10.43" to 16.3", so as your seedlings grow, you can make adjustments with the light. You receive a hanging kit and the legs, so you may choose what will work better for you. The stand's width is 21.5," and the depth is 9". This is a lovely light if you can't put your seedling in the sunlight. The legs are not very sturdy, but they are strong enough to hold the light with no problem.

The price is a little steep.


I added this for those who do not have space in your home to start seeds, or maybe little ones that like to get into things. You can still get started a bit earlier with this greenhouse. The greenhouse will do the job, but the shelves are not made well, and you may want to zip tie everything together. I would not place this in a windy location, or you may come home to your plants lying on the ground.

When To Remove Humidity Dome For Seedlings

When To Transplant Seedlings From The Seed Tray When you are growing seedlings, it is important to remove the humidity dome for them once they have formed their first set of leaves. This will help prevent fungal diseases and increase airflow around the plant. You

When To Transplant Seedlings From The Seed Tray

Gardeners often have to make the difficult decision of when to transplant their seedlings from the seed tray. The best time to do this usually depends on the type of plant, as well as the climate and soil conditions. Generally, it's a great idea to wait until your plants have at least the second set of leaves. I usually wait until I can see the roots coming out of the bottom of the seedling pot.

Comment below to let us know which garden tray you use for starting your seeds! If there's anything else we can help with, please feel free to ask in the comments section too. Happy gardening everyone!


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