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The Wonderful World of Micro Basil: What Is It, Why Should You Care and Make The Most Out of It

Updated: Jan 8, 2022





Basil microgreens are a type of micro basil or basil that has been harvested when it is still young and small. Micro basil is sometimes also called baby basil or micro basil sprouts. They have many uses in the kitchen, but they are most commonly used as an herb to add flavor to various dishes. Basil microgreens can be grown at home with just a little bit of time and effort!

Micro Basil

Basil Microgreens Health Benefits

Micro basil are small edible greens that are harvested in their early sprouting stage. You can add the basil sprouts to any dish for an extra punch of flavor and nutrition, you simply have to know how to grow micro basil! Basil microgreens give a great kick both taste-wise and health-wise. A single cup contains about 16 calories but is also chock full of vitamins which include Vitamin K, C, B12, and Iron. micro basil microgreens are very easy to grow, you simply need micro basil seeds and a container with soil.

You may also be interested in... How To Grow Micro Basil - the wonderful world of micro basil is growing more popular by the day as people learn about how flavorful microgreens can be for any dish! Basil microgreens are a great way to add fresh herbs and nutrients at any time. micro basil can be used in almost anything for an extra burst of flavor! Basil microgreens do not need much space, they require very little water and no nutrients- they're the perfect crop for beginners as well as experts alike! Start Basil Seeds For Microgreens - most people who grow micro basil start by getting some high-quality organic seeds from trusted sources such as Johnny's Selected Seeds.

You will also want to find a good growing medium so your plants have what they need to thrive. When you've got everything set up it is simply a matter of keeping track of watering schedules until your plant has reached micro basil microgreen size! Basil microgreens are ready to harvest when the first true leaves have emerged.

For anyone willing to learn how to grow micro basil, your efforts will be richly rewarded with tasty and nutritious microgreens that you can use in any dish or just enjoy by itself. There's nothing like fresh organic produce straight from your own garden, especially considering it doesn't take much space at all!

Micro Basil vs Basil

Micro basil is the micro version of basil which, just like other microgreens, is quickly becoming one of the most popular foods. There are many reasons why micro basil has become so widely known and used in today's society. First off, micro basil has a much stronger flavor than its full-sized counterpart - which could be a good thing or maybe a bad thing depending on your taste preferences! Also, micro basil can grow very well indoors with hydroponics systems as they require little space to flourish. In fact, Micro Basil seeds will begin growing within 24 hours after planting them into the soil.

Microgreens are a unique and wonderful way to add nutrients, flavor, and color to any meal. Basil microgreens can be used much like traditional basil leaves in many dishes such as pesto or pasta sauces - they add a strong burst of freshness! Micro basil sprouts also make for excellent garnishes when placed on top of soups, salads, and sandwiches. Basil sprouts taste very similar to the full-sized version but more potent than their adult counterparts. Although there is no direct substitute for micro basils, you can use regular dried basil instead if that's all you can find at that your local grocery store.

Not only do micro basil plants grow quickly, but micro basil seeds require very little space and effort to maintain. When growing micro basil indoors it is recommended that you use a hydroponics system as these will ensure the seeds remain moist at all times which helps micro basils sprout quickly without getting moldy or becoming too dry. If you don't have access to a hydroponic system try using coconut coir as this can hold moisture much better than traditional dirt.

Micro Basil

What Does Basil Look Like When It Sprouts?

What do Basil Seeds Look Like?

Basil Sprouts

Picture of Basil Leaves I'll be adding the pictures soon.

Beginner Instructions & Extra Tips

Research shows that basil microgreen has a proportion up to a fourth of the nutritional content of mature basil microgreens. You only need very few items; a planting tray, growing media water, and seeds should be sufficient for it! To conserve these nutrients you eat raw. Basil sprouts are one of the slowest growing microgreen options you can choose. Of course, they'll finish in several weeks. As with all other microgreens you need little gear and growing materials to grow your own. You can plant small amounts in smaller spaces or small containers.

There is a lot more than meets the eye regarding this wonderful world of micro basil. I hope you relished reading my blog post about what makes this particular plant so special and why everyone should think about growing their own supply of micro basil.

If you are looking into starting your own microgreens garden then now is definitely the time! There isn't a better time to start producing fresh, organic greens right in your home - they make an excellent addition to your diet and if done correctly will have you eating micro basil microgreens in no time!

Just about anyone can start growing micro basil sprouts, just be sure to get your hands on some high-quality organic seeds for the best results. If possible search out Johnny's Selected Seeds or True Leaf Market which are two of the highest quality suppliers - they have a great selection.

If basil sprouts are something you've never tried before then why not give them a try - it's better to start small with micro basil plants rather than going all out on full-sized plants which require much more maintenance. Also, micro basils can be grown indoors in hydroponics systems or coconut coir so your grow space is limited by the size of your kitchen! If you have access to either of these setups then now is definitely the time to build up that microgreens garden!

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