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Korean Perilla Seeds: The Super Plant - Harvestig seed

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Korean perilla seeds are super seeds that can be used in many different ways. Korean perilla seed oil is known for its high omega-3 content, which is good for the skin and heart. Korean perilla seeds can be eaten raw or cooked, or ground into powder to create Korean dishes. Korean Perilla Oil can also be used topically to help improve your skin's appearance and health! Korean perilla seeds and Korean Perilla Seed Oil are both good for the body so add them to your diet today.

Korean Perilla Seeds

Korean Perilla Seeds: The Super Plant

Korean perilla seeds are a nutritional powerhouse with many benefits. Their nutrient content is high and they have been used in traditional medicine for long periods of time, so it should come as no surprise that the Korean perilla seed oil is also popular.

Ways to Enjoy Your Harvested Perilla Seeds

Perilla seeds can be eaten as a snack and also used for Korean cooking. In Korea, they use the perilla seeds in many side dishes. You can eat the Korean Perilla Seeds raw by themselves or combined with other foods in many different dishes. The health benefits are endless! One tablespoon is enough daily if you want all its amazing benefits. There are no negative effects when eating too much Korean Perilla Seeds either because they're 100% natural ingredients. This means that it will do nothing but good for your body so have fun experimenting at home!

Perilla oil is used in Korean cooking to add flavor and provide health benefits, the oil can also be used as a supplement or added to other dishes. The Korean perilla seed powder can be made from the extracted oils of these plants by pressing them through different screens until only small particles remain. These are then ground up to make dry powder which has many uses depending on what one wants it for.

as well for an added nutritional bonus into your diet!

Nutrition and Health Benefits of Perilla Seeds Korean

Perilla Seeds are a great source of nutrition and have been used in Korean cuisine for thousands of years. They contain iron, calcium, vitamin E, essential amino acids, and omega-three fatty acids. Korean perilla seeds are also very high in fiber. In addition to being a great source of nutrition, they can aid in digestion and soothe indigestion problems too! Korean perilla seeds contain omega-three fatty acids which have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels, control hypertension and also promote healthy skin cells. Omega-three fatty acids found in Korean perilla seeds have been shown to improve brain function and boost the immune system.

Perilla Seeds Oil

The Super Plant Korean perilla seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds Perilla oil is made from the seeds of Korean perilla plants similar to grapeseed oil or sesame seed oil. This technique preserves all their healthy properties without damaging them or causing chemical reactions that would alter their natural makeup (like heating during processing). Cold-pressed oils like Korean perilla seed oil retain all the nutrients from the plant which makes it more nutritionally potent than other commercially available products such as coconut oil; however Korean perilla seed oil also has more of its own unique properties.

Perilla Seeds Powder

It's's easy enough to turn them into powder! Just grind the seeds down and add some salt if desired -- this makes an excellent seasoning for all sorts of dishes ranging from meats, veggies chips, and baked goods.

Harvesting Korean Perilla Seeds

Harvesting Korean perilla seeds can be done by hand.

Perilla Seeds
Perilla Seeds that I harvested with a stem full of seed pods that froze before they were ready to harvest.

How does one harvest Korean Perilla Seeds?

How To Harvest Perilla Seeds: It's actually quite easy; The easiest way to harvest Korean perilla seeds is from dried pods on the plant. If you want a bigger quantity to make your own Korean perilla seed powder or Korean Perilla Seed Oil then I recommend purchasing them online. After Perilla has flowered and been pollinated, the seed pods develop. Each pod can contain up to 4 or 5 Korean perilla seeds. Let the stalk dry completely, then cut off the Korean perilla plant at ground level. Then allow them to dry more in the sun.

Korean perilla seeds can be harvested from dried Korean perilla plants. You can grab a sheet or some type of large container that will be large enough to catch the majority of the seeds that you will be beating of the plant. Now that you have your container find a stick and beat the dried stalks so the seeds will pop out of the pods onto your sheet or into your large container.

The Korean Perilla Seeds will fall to the ground and they are ready to use in recipes.

Another option can be pulling the dried pods off the stem and shaking them in some sort of container so the seeds pop out of the pods.

After reading this blog post, you now know about the many benefits of Korean perilla seeds. You also learned that they can be used in cooking and medicine too! Remember to save some for planting next year, as well as leave a comment or question below. I'm happy to help with any questions you may have on how these plants can benefit your life. Be sure to subscribe by email so we can keep providing helpful content like this!



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