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How to Grow Sweet Potato Slips | Enhanced Garden&Life

Updated: Jun 13, 2021



This morning as I strolled through my garden, I enjoyed the cool brisk air around me. Spring is finally here! I walked through the garden, checked on all my newly sprouted seeds, and checked my fruit trees. This morning was beautiful. I noticed that my fruit trees have started to bud! I had an excellent and exciting morning!

I finally decided to get back into the house and prepare for my day. I made my way to my basement, where I keep my growing microgreens. I was on my way to water the microgreens when I noticed my sweet potato on my shelf looked like they were sprouting. I picked one up, looked closer, and I felt excitement rush over me. I had sprouts!! So now I can't resist trying to grow sweet potato slips.

Reader, this is my first attempt to try growing sweet potato slips. This should be an exciting adventure!

How to Grow Sweet Potato Slips

After researching a lot it seems that the most common way to create sweet potato slips is to stick toothpicks into them and set the potato into a glass of water. The side of the potato with the sprouts should be facing upward. After you place your potato into the water, all you need is patients and time.

Sweet Potato

Place this end of the potato into the water.

Sweet Potato

The sprouting side should be above water.

Sweet Potato

Toothpicks are placed near the center of the sweet potato.

Sweet Potato Slip

Sweet Potato

When to Start Growing My slips?

Sweet potatoes take 90 to 180 days to mature, so living in the northern hemisphere, sweet potatoes will need to be started early. Getting started six weeks before the last frost will significantly help with having enough time for the potatoes to mature.

Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts

Can you believe it? You can fit a whole sweet potato in your mouth! Did you know that 3.5 ounces of raw, boiled sweet potatoes contain only 86 calories and are full of vitamins like A and C and potassium for energy production? Sweet potatoes have the lowest glycemic index ranking (less than 50), meaning they do not cause abrupt spikes or drops in blood sugar levels to keep us feeling steady all day long. In addition, these vegetables are high in fiber content with about 27 grams per medium-sized serving - making them an excellent choice for weight management if eaten without any added fats such as butter or sour cream! Sweet potatoes come in various colors like white, red, pink, violet, purple, and yellow.


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