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Best Seed Starting Tray

Updated: Mar 20, 2021



Imagine how crazy it would be to see most of your seeds germinate within a week. With a bit of extra work at the start of this process, you can achieve those results.

It is tiring to see the same results after trying so many different seed starting methods. It is frustrating to feel like you are failing as you look daily at your seed-starting trays without seeing any growth.

If you have been searching the internet looking for a better solution, then you have come to the right place. If you want a high germination rate and quick growth with hardly any watering, you will want to use this method.

You will see some of your seeds germinating after only a twenty-four-hour period! Just water one time at the start of the process, saving you time from having to water. Not only that, but the roots will be healthier, allowing you to have more vigorous plants and almost eliminates transplant shock!

This method will give you an advantage in seed starting. You can gain more confidence and know that you will see results!

List of the Equipment Needed

Use a plastic container with a lid. Clear is preferred so that you can introduce it in the light.

Soil Block Maker

Heating Mat

Seed Starting Ingredients

The Mix I Use

  • The ingredients I use are coco coir, compost, and sand. I Mix equal amounts of compost and coco coir. Add half the amount with sand. You can substitute sand with perlite or vermiculite. I also added some azomite.

  • After mixing the ingredients, wet the mix down until you can take a handful and squeeze it with a bit of water dripping out. If the mixture is not correct, you will have trouble holding them together.

  • Pile the soil up, and then press the block maker down to the bottom of the tray in the compost mix to be sure you have filled the block maker. When I hit the bottom of the tray, I twist back and forth, so that excess soil is knocked off and even with the bottom of the block maker.

  • Place your soil block maker in the tray you are using to germinate your seeds and squeeze the spring-loaded handle and the block maker's base together and pull up. Now you should have some lovely soil blocks to plant your seeds.

  • Plant your seeds into the indent on the top of the soil blocks.

  • Water, then add the lid. I water with a gentle sprayer to not destroy the soil blocks.

  • Place the tray on a heating pad.

  • Now excitedly wait! It shouldn't take too long to see excellent results!


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Coco Coir



Other Options

Vermiculite or perlite can be used in place of the sand. The mixture ratio will still be the same with either of these.





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