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20 Easy to Grow Vegetables for Home Gardens | Enhanced Garden&Life



If you are contemplating starting a garden, 20 vegetables that are easy to grow should be your first priority. Not only will these vegetables taste great and help you save money on food costs throughout the year, but they also require little maintenance. Check out this list of 20 vegetables for home gardens, and start planning today!

In my opinion, the best vegetables are ones that take a minimum of work to maintain. If you're looking for something easy, we have just what you need! These 20 vegetables all require little care and will grow just fine in your garden. Here they are!

There is nothing that compares to growing your own vegetables whether it be in a backyard garden, on the windowsill of an apartment, or at home in a pot. It's not only fun to do and makes you feel proud about what you've accomplished but also saves money too! If there are 20 easy to grow vegetables for home gardens that will get anyone started then follow these simple steps:

Cool Weather Plants

- Romaine Lettuce - This salad green can withstand cold weather and is not fussy about soil types.

- Kale - One of the healthiest greens around, kale grows easily with little maintenance which means more time spent picking fresh produce instead of tending plants. This is a cold-loving vegetable.

- Radishes - Another cold-loving vegetable that is very easy to grow and fast-growing too.

- Beets - This root crop can be grown in a pot or garden bed, and is a nice crop to grow in the fall.

- Spinach - This leafy green can stand up against cold weather too! If it's too warm(over 70 degrees Fahrenheit) spinach will go to seed quickly, so try this one during the cooler months.

- Swiss Chard - Similar to spinach but with beautiful rainbow-colored leaves that are also edible when cooked or raw.

- Lettuce - Great for beginner gardeners, lettuce does best when watered each day during its growing season which lasts about three months from March to June.

-Peas - Peas grow best in cool weather, so plant them during April or May.

- Cabbage - This plant does best when left undisturbed during its growing season, but if you need to know how to care for a cabbage plant just remember these two tips: keep watering deeply (don't let the roots dry) and feed it monthly.

Warm Weather Plants

- Cucumbers - A high-yielding plant that tastes best during its short harvesting season of one month long; cucumber plants do well inside pots on patios too!

- Bell Peppers - One of the 20 easiest vegetables to grow at home because they require little attention and come in many colors and shapes, bell peppers make for a beautiful addition to any salad plate as well!

- Carrots - Carrots need around 20 inches of space but are one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow since they provide a constant supply for months in your garden.

- Zucchini Squash - These squash plants can take up a lot of room, so make sure you have enough space before planting them outside; zucchini will keep producing long after summer has ended when planted during late July/early August.

- Basil - Easy enough for beginners, basil can be grown indoors or out and is a tasty addition to any dish.

- Beans - These plants like warm temperatures and don't require much care; beans will produce throughout the summer months after they're planted in early July.

- Bell Peppers - These plants like warm temperatures and will grow well in the summer months.

- Tomatoes - A plant that's hard to kill, tomatoes should be planted as a seedling 20 inches apart so they have room to spread out during their growing season which lasts from April through September.

- Potatoes - Potatoes are a warm-weather crop and are planted in early spring through June.

-Purslane - A succulent plant that can grow in a variety of climates, purslane requires no more than 20 inches apart and will produce both flowers as well as vegetables for your home garden.

Warm or Cool Weather Plants

- Garlic - These plants thrive in cool climates and can be grown year-round, but the bulbs will store better during their dormant winter months if they are harvested before a hard frost hits.

- Onions - Onions need a lot of sunlight and will grow well in any season, perfect for novice gardeners who may not have much experience with gardening.

Easy Vegetables to Grow in Pots

A lot of vegetables are very easy to grow in pots. From basil and thyme to eggplant and squash, can be grown without much effort as long as you have some potting soil on hand. Vegetables that need a bit more attention include broccoli which likes rich, moist soil so that it doesn't get too leggy; pepper plants also like their roots cool and not overcrowded with other plants for best results.

Leafy greens are some very easy vegetables to grow in pots. Pots will need some drainage holes, and they can be placed anywhere that gets enough sunlight each day or brought inside during cold seasons for protection from the elements.

The best part of growing your own veggies is the opportunity to experiment with new flavors and combinations. Planting something unfamiliar might seem risky, but it also opens up doors to delicious discoveries like beet greens sautéed with garlic or eggplant topped with a cheesy sauce. With so many different options available at whatever time of year you choose, there’s no reason not to try some tasty vegetable dishes!

* If you're new at gardening or don't know what vegetables are best for your climate check with your local nursery before planting; different regions have different climates so some seeds may not work for you.* Or you can check your first and last average frost dates and then check the plants for days to maturity so you will know if you have enough time to grow the plants that you have chosen.

I've provided you with a list of the 20 best vegetables to grow in your garden, but don't forget about these other important considerations. One is that many people enjoy gardening as an activity for them and their family to do together. You may find it helpful to consider what types of plants are low maintenance or will be well-suited for different seasons so there's something blooming all year long! What kind of vegetable gardens have you planted? Share your experience below!

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