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Attracting Butterflies: Strategies for The Garden | Enhanced Garden&Life

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Butterflies are some of the most lovely creatures on earth. They can be seen in gardens, meadows, and forest areas all over the world. Butterflies are drawn to flowers due to their bright colors and sweet nectar. The question is: which flowers are most likely to attract butterflies? Keep reading for a list of some flowers that will have these unique insects fluttering around your garden!

- Butterfly bushes are a blooming plant in the summer. They attract butterflies and other insects with their fragrant flowers that are usually pink, red, or purple. Butterflies like it when they can find a bush up high on which to perch while feeding.

- Marigolds bloom all year round so these plants will always be attracting butterflies as well as bees and hummingbirds due to the richness of color found in them. The flowers come in many different colors too! It's best if you grow your marigold near an area where there is plenty of sunlight for both day and night time pollination because this type of flower usually doesn't need much water either, making it easier to maintain!

- Asters (or Asteraceae) are another flowering plant that attracts butterflies. They like to feed on the flowers of these plants and find shelter from bad weather in one of their many soft, fuzzy leaves.

Butterflies don't usually like to drink water, but they will suck up the nectar found in these flowers. The downside is that this type of plant needs a lot more water than other plants and isn't as easy to grow because it can only tolerate cool climates (between 40-60 degrees F.)

- Another flower that attracts butterflies is the daisy; its bright colors are great for drawing in pollinators. These flowers need a little bit of space between them so there's enough room for them to open up fully and get all their petals out! You'll also want to grow your daisies with plenty of sunlight close by since they do well in warm weather.

- Some people say that milkweed prefers cooler temperatures, but it's one of the most popular flowers for butterflies to visit. Certainly, if your garden is in a warm climate you can still grow milkweed plants because they're adaptable. It will just take more water and care than other types of flowers do!

- The black swallowtail butterfly also loves the violet flower. They spend their time here sipping from its nectar, but don't be surprised when they land on any nearby plant with blooms or leaves that are similar to those found in violets! This type of flower needs warmth and moisture so make sure you have both before planting them--they like lots of sunshine too!

- If you want your garden to attract these beautiful creatures then including some flowering vines (like scarlet beans) and lots of flowering trees in your landscape is a must!

- If you want to increase the chances that butterflies will visit your garden then make sure it has not only flowers but also plants with leaves they can land on. They need a place to rest their wings for a while so adding some hostas or ferns are perfect!

- To lure them into your garden, you can also plant flowers that bloom all season long and mix in some annuals with a variety of colors.

- Also, when you water your garden be sure to sprinkle it so that the droplets are small and encourage butterflies to land on flowers.

- Butterflies also like moist areas and prefer warmer climates which means you'll want to plant some vines or trees that will provide them with both. Some species even require specific types of flowers they feed off such as the African monarchs who eat only passion fruit!

- If you're looking for butterflies in your garden then make sure it has plenty of moisture and warmth - without those things, they might not stick around long enough to enjoy your flowerbeds.

- If you want more butterflies in your garden then consider adding lots of bright colors--butterflies are attracted to certain colors including red, purple, pink, and orange.

- You'll also need to have a water source near your flowers for butterflies, which is why having a small pond or fountain nearby can help.

- Butterflies love nectar as well! You can make your own butterfly "food" using a jar lid or any other type of container with holes poked into it for drainage and then place sugar water inside. The best part is, you can use whatever color flower you want instead!

- Planting garden beds close together is also helpful because this way the small creatures don't have far to fly between them which will reduce energy loss when looking for food sources-- attracting those bugs easier than ever before so they'll stay nearby longer too!

Butterflies are a symbol of beauty and grace. Insects may not be the most popular creatures, but they have their place in nature. If you want more butterflies around your garden, there are some easy steps you can take to help them out! Here's what I recommend: • Plant flowers with nectar-producing flowers and shrubs so they'll know where to find food; this is an especially good idea if you live in an area without many natural resources for wildlife. Comment below with any questions or feedback, I would love to hear from you!

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